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Our efforts support essential services for friends and family in your community — people who might otherwise be neglected and left to suffer alone.
You can help by choosing to support any one of our programs through sponsorships, monetary donations, gifts or by becoming a volunteer. Find out how you can make a difference »


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Calendar cover art of Geisha Teaching our clients how to tap into their strengths through creative communication is one of the major goals of the Living Museum Art Center at Harbor View House. Each year we produce a calendar that celebrates and showcases the creative spirit of the many talented artists who have emerged through this program. You can help support the Living Museum Art Center by ordering your calendar or becoming a page sponsor. Learn More »

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We hope your visit here will both inform and assist you in learning about the comprehensive programs and services offered by our family of companies. HealthView, Inc. and its subsidiaries are dedicated to serving the disadvantaged, elderly, and those who suffer with severe mental illness. HealthView, Inc., a non-profit corporation, truly believes that caring for people is the key to our success in offering quality social, psychological and health services to the Southern California community.

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About Us
Frequently Asked Questions

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HealthView, Inc.

What is the purpose of HealthView, Inc.?

HealthView Inc. is a private non-profit agency headquartered in San Pedro, California. HealthView Inc.'s Mission is as follows:

To provide programs and services that promote physical, social, and psychological health of individuals, so they may achieve their highest level of functioning in their home-setting, and may improve their well-being and quality of life while decreasing hospitalization, institutionalization, and the stigma of their illness.

We are committed to providing a workplace that fosters a caring environment for our clients, their families, and our employees.

We strive to share our knowledge and expertise with the community to serve the greatest number of people who may benefit from our mission.

Who owns HealthView, Inc.?

HealthView Inc. is a private non-profit agency; therefore there is no individual or group of owners who own the business, property or building. It serves in the public interest. All revenues received by HealthView, Inc. are used to further its mission, pay salaries and wages and strengthen its financial position (holding of assets including cash and property) to maintain financial stability now and into the future. HealthView Inc.'s volunteer board of directors governs the decisions of the corporation on how to achieve these mission goals.

What is a Private Non Profit Agency?

A private non-profit is an organization that is incorporated under state law and whose purpose is not to make a profit, but rather to further a charitable, civic, religious, scientific, or other lawful purpose. The Secretary of State's office grants corporate status to organizations in California.

What is a 501(c)(3) designation?

When the agency becomes a state private non-profit corporation, it can then apply for 501(c)(3) designation through the IRS. Once the IRS grants 501(c)(3) status, the organization is exempt from certain taxes and any donations to the charitable organization are tax deductible. Many individuals and organizations prefer to make donations to 501(c)(3) private non-profits.

Who can obtain a 501(c)(3) designation?

Any organization or group can apply for 501(c)(3) status, provided their charter or mission focuses on the non-profit's objective.

Who manages HealthView, Inc.?

HealthView, Inc. is governed by a volunteer board of directors. The board members live in Southern California and have varied professional backgrounds. The board members are responsible for overseeing that HealthView, Inc. accomplishes its mission. The board appoints or "hires" individuals to act as Executive Officers to oversee the day-to-day operation and management of the corporation. Currently Susan Major, Executive Director/COO and Jeff Smith, Executive Director/CFO are employed as HealthView Inc.'s Executive Officers. The Executive Officers serve at the discretion of the Board of Directors and his/her contract is reviewed annually.

Additionally, each facility and/or program such as the Adult Residential Facility, Intermediate Care Facility, HealthView Behavioral Services Center, and HealthView Home Health, Inc. have an administrator or director licensed and approved by the appropriate county or state agency to operate that facility or program.

How "Big" is HealthView, Inc.?

HealthView, Inc. is currently two companies with numerous programs and services. We provide low cost affordable social, psychological and healthcare service to over 500 clients daily and employ a staff of over 250. Our moto is People Caring For People.

How else does HealthView, Inc. "Make Money"?

HealthView, Inc. is a public non-profit corporation, and as such no one really "makes money" form it's operations. Revenues from HealthView, Inc.'s programs go to pay expenses and salaries. Revenues in excess of expenses help support the supplemental programs and services offered at Harbor View House such as the Resident Work Program, Living Museum Art Center, Performing Arts Center, along with the maintaining the general financial stability of the corporation.

How can I donate?

Please contact us for details on donations to HealthView, Inc. or Harbor View House. You may also choose Donate or on the contribute link located throughout the web site. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you.

Harbor View House

What is Harbor View House?

Harbor View House has been operation at 921 South Beacon Street in San Pedro since 1968. Harbor View House is one of the largest unlocked care facilities in the western United States serving those with mental disabilities. Harbor View House is comprised of two separate residential units. The Adult Residential Facility (ARF) is a 204 bed residential facility licensed by the California Department of Social Services (DSS).) The ARF unit serves adults 18 and over with chronic mental illness. The Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) is an 83 bed residential facility licensed by the California Department of Public Health. The ICF unit serves clients 18 and over who have both a chronic mental illness and a medical condition requiring nursing supervision.

Also contained in the facility is HealthView Behavioral Services Center (HVBSC). This program, licensed by the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health (DMH), is an outpatient clinic designed to provide Mental Health Services, Target Case Management, Medication Support and Crises Intervention.

What is Mental Illness?

A mental illness or mental disorder refers to one of many mental health conditions characterized by distress, impaired cognitive functioning, atypical behavior and/or maladaptive behavior. Definitions, assessments and classifications of mental disorders may vary, however guideline criterion listed in the ICD, DSM, or CCMD are widely accepted by many mental health professionals. Categories of diagnoses in these schemes may include mood or affective disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, and personality disorders.

Symptoms of mental illness greatly vary depending upon the specific disorder, but may include mild to chronic forms of depression, loss of cognitive abilities, or the presence of hallucinations or delusions. Causes of mental illness also vary, but may result from genetics, trauma, biological factors such as infections or toxins, or neuroplasticity resulting from psychological or anthropological factors.

How can I get someone to receive services at Harbor View House?

Potential residents are carefully screened to assure that they meet specific admission criteria. Additionally, the HVH Admissions Department interviews each potential resident after their information has been approved by the appropriate units' supervisor. Please contact us at (310) 547-3341 and ask for the Admissions Department for further assistance and information.

Who pays for residents to stay at Harbor View House?

Residents on the ARF unit pay their rent utilizing their Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). Medical pays for resident's stay on the ICF unit.

How much do residents pay to stay at Harbor View House?

For 2016, typically an ARF resident pays $1014.00 per month or about $34 a day for room and board, activities, medication supervision, housekeeping and other services. The rate for those residents living in the ICF nursing unit requiring 24 hour nursing supervision is $2,683.00 monthly. Please contact us for information on current rates.

How much do residents receive for personal income spending at Harbor View House?

Residents in the ARF residential unit receive approximately $125.00 per month for personal income expenditures. Patients in the ICF nursing unit receive approximately $50.00 per month. This personal expense money is given to the resident from their funding source and distributed by HVH staff.

How are Harbor View House resident's medications paid for?

Depending on the residents' qualifications, resident medications may be funded by Medicare part D, MediCal, the Los Angeles County Deptartment of Mental Health or the Veterans Administration. Harbor View House staff store, safeguard and dispense the medication according to physician orders and current state regulations.

How are Harbor View House residents medical and psychological needs being met?

Each resident is assigned a medical doctor and psychiatrist upon admission. The resident has the right to keep his existing physicians if he/she so chooses. In these cases, Harbor View House provides transportation to appointments as needed. In any given week a medical doctor is in the facility 2 times a week and a psychiatrist 3 times a week to address any needs of the residents. Psychology, podiatry, and physical therapy services are also offered in the facility. Services provided by these healthcare providers are billed separately to the appropriate payor, usually MediCal or Medicare.

In addition, other counseling and psychological services are provided through the HealthView Behavioral Services Center funded by the Los Angeles County Deptartment of Mental Health for those residents who are enrolled.

Who monitors or regulates Harbor View House?

Depending upon the unit the resident lives in and services provided, several different agencies perform annual surveys to assure that HealthView, Inc. and Harbor View House is operating within state and federal guidelines.

Annual surveys of operations are conducted by the California Department of Social Services, Center for Medicare & Medicaid, California Department of Public Health, Los Angeles Department of Mental Health and the Veterans Administration. These surveys also include reviews of financial records to insure that residents' funds are being distributed and spent appropriately.

In addition, HealthView, Inc. is required to submit annual tax exempt 990 reports to the Sate of California. HealthView Inc. receives annual financial audits from an independent audit agency and State of California Department of Public Health. Harbor View House also receives random financial audits from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Los Angeles County Auditors Controllers Office, Social Security Administration - Resident Account Audit, State of California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division - Resident Account Audit.
Further information regarding the most recent survey results can be found at:



HealthView Home Health, Inc.

What are home health services?

Home Health services provide intermittent skilled nursing, physical, speech and other therapies to patients under physicians orders (usually recently discharged from the hospital). Services are paid for in the form of capitated agreements with major hospitals, by Medicare payments and private insurance HMO payments.

HealthView Home Health (HVHH) is a Medicare certified; Joint Commission accredited Home Health Agency based in Long Beach California. The agency receives annual surveys for compliance from the California State Department of Health Care Services and Joint Commission along with annual financial audits.

How do I qualify for home health services?

HealthView Home Health is certified by the Department of Health Care Services. After a person sees his or her physician, or has recently been in the hospital, their doctor may find the need for them to receive continuing care in the comfort of their own home. This can beneficial because it not only helps reduce costs but in many cases improves the healing process when the patient is in their home environment.

As an example, these services could be provided by a Registered Nurse or a Physical Therapist. They are provided on an intermittent basis -- meaning once to several times a week. The goal of the skilled person is to train the patient and relatives to become independent in their own care.

Home Health care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance, HMO's etc.