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2 people celebrating excursionYOUR HELP CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE!
Our efforts support essential services for friends and family in your community — people who might otherwise be neglected and left to suffer alone.
You can help by choosing to support any one of our programs through sponsorships, monetary donations, gifts or by becoming a volunteer. Find out how you can make a difference »


Support the Arts at Harbor View House...

Calendar cover art of GeishaTeaching our clients how to tap into their strengths through creative communication is one of the major goals of the Living Museum Art Center at Harbor View House. Each year we produce a calendar that celebrates and showcases the creative spirit of the many talented artists who have emerged through this program. You can help support the Living Museum Art Center by ordering your calendar or becoming a page sponsor. Learn More »

Your visit here...

We hope your visit here will both inform and assist you in learning about the comprehensive programs and services offered by our family of companies. HealthView, Inc. and its subsidiaries are dedicated to serving the disadvantaged, elderly, and those who suffer with severe mental illness. HealthView, Inc., a non-profit corporation, truly believes that caring for people is the key to our success in offering quality social, psychological and health services to the Southern California community.


How We Serve
Welcome to Harbor View House

About Harbor View House
Harbor View House provides a wide range of critical support services including mental healthcare, nursing, as well as rehabilitative and transitional living care. We are especially proud of the benefits our clients and the community continue to enjoy through the creative programs developed at our Living Museum Art Center, and Performing Arts Center.

To learn more about the various programs and services at Harbor View House, please select from the menu of links in the right column of this page.

40 Years of Changing Lives, One Person at a Time...
Harbor View House overlooks the Port of San Pedro and was originally constructed in the midtwenties as an Army-Navy YMCA. This historic building now serves as the largest unlocked residential facility in California for adults with mental illness. Photo of Harbor View House For more than 40 years Harbor View House has been offering a wide variety of mental health services and creative therapeutic and life skills programs to its residents and members of the outside community. Residents are allowed to come and go freely and are afforded the same personal rights as all other Americans. It must be remembered that it is not a crime to be mentally ill.

Harbor View House has seen many changes and challenges over the years. Approximately 250 chronically mentally ill people reside in this historic building with another 150 passing through its doors to receive various services annually. While many have some sort of disability funding, Harbor View provides over $100,000 worth of services annually to those without resources.

You Can make a Difference at Harbor View House...
We rely on a number of County and State Agencies to support the many programs we deliver at Harbor View House. Harbor View House also relies heavily on private donations», foundations and institutional grants» for much needed help. You can learn more about the various ways you can choose to help by visiting our Become a Supporter Page».

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